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Blog moved

Posted by dblancquaert on 13/01/2010

This blog has moved. You can now find it here:



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Project 365

Posted by dblancquaert on 05/01/2010

I noticed on twitter that several people did a 365 project in 2009.

It seemed interesting to try it myself as well.

My reasons for doing it, are these:

  • I believe my life is rather dull. Being asked to make a new picture every day, will force me to look at my life from a different perspective (I hope).
  • Time goes fast, and a picture often says more than a lot of words. Let me keep more memories.
  • I have the tool (my new Nokia) to test and use!

My pictures are visible in the left sidebar, and here on Flickr.

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Twitter Blocked

Posted by dblancquaert on 04/01/2010

Back @ work after the holidays, I open my Tweetdeck, and guess what… I cannot connect to my twitter account. Password is incorrect.

Yes, right. I changed the password during my holidays. So I enter my new password. Still no access.

Let’s try the website. I enter my login details, with the new password, and this page is displayed:

What is going on? Is my account hacked?

No. Turns out Tweetdeck tried to log in a few times with the wrong password. As a safety measure, my account was blocked for about an hour.
A few hours later, I could log in again. First on the website, and then with Tweetdeck (and changing my password).


At least I had a learning experience.

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Why Twitter

Posted by dblancquaert on 17/12/2009

Regularly people ask me why I am on Twitter (and what Twitter is!).

This is the answer: to learn stuff.
Just being connected to others with the same passions, and watching their stream, teaches me a lot.
Of course there is much random chit-chat of people you don’t know in real life, but you can easily filter that out.
Sometimes it is also fun being there, like yesterday, when a virtual snowball fight broke out.

So, should you join Twitter?
If you want to learn, yes.
If you want to have fun, yes.
If you don’t see the point, yes. At least try it out before you judge.

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Quote of the day

Posted by dblancquaert on 30/11/2009

Consider this, when you’re awake at night:

When you take a little child into the garden, and show her the moon, she will look at the moon.
When you take a dog into the garden, and show him the moon, he will look at our finger.

– Sir Ken Robinson (here 1h30 talk…)


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New smartphone

Posted by dblancquaert on 25/11/2009

Last weekend I got my first smartphone, a Nokia E71.

With the kids running around the house, and a deadline at work, I do not have much time to read manuals…
So, still struggling to use all it’s features.

If someone has best practises, do not hesitate…

I just succeeded to upload a picture from the device, to Flickr, using m.flickr.com.
More experiences to follow!

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Cloud Computing explained

Posted by dblancquaert on 21/11/2009

Last week a video was released by the Common Craft, explaining the idea of cloud computing (link). I was very interested because I was writing a course about SharePoint and the customer really wanted the idea of cloud computing to be part of the content.

And exactly that thing happened, what happens always when you have high expectations: you are disappointed.
Don’t get me wrong, the video was good, but way to general in approach.

My thoughts were not much later published by George Siemens. He describes it far more better then I ever could. You can read his post here.

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A vision on education…

Posted by dblancquaert on 29/10/2009

I strongly agree with Sir Ken Robinson!

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